1. To organize Entrepreneurial & Skill Development Programmes, Management Development Programmes in different fields for women.

2. To motivate the women force by organizing Motivation Camps for setting up of MSMEs to earn their livelihood.

3. To implement schemes, Projects for women with the objective of development through MSMEs.

4. Guiding the women entrepreneurs to access finance Banks / Financial Institutions.

5. Hand holding support for women to set up their enterprises and Post Establishment Assistance.

6. To interact & co-ordinate with the State & Central Government for MSME development in the country to implement their schemes and progarmmes specially focused for women and to assist the Govt. in framing the suitable policies for women.

7. To undertake social activities for the development of women.

Training Programs:

  1. 1. Tailoring (Garments Manufacturing)
    2. Computer Education (Ms. Office, DTP, Multimedia & Animation, Web Designing etc.)
    3. Synthetic Bags (Different Types)
    4. Non-Woven Bags (Different Types)
    5. Carry Bags, Jute Bags (Different Types)
    6. Fancy Cloth Bags (With Banjara Works)
    7. Music Training
    8. Bakery Food Products
    9. Beautician
    10. Soft Toys
    11. Printed Sarees
    12. Chocolate Making
    13. Designer Candles (Making Gel, Flouting, Ordinary)
    14. Artificial Jewellery Making
    15. Fabric Painting
    16. Women Fashion Designs, Nighties, Frocks, Tops, Leggings. T-shirts. Children Fashion Designs, Jeans, Suits. Churidars, Blowjes, Middies, Petticoat Etc., Training...
    17. Zardoji work (Hand work, Machine work)
    18. Embroidery Work
    19. Hand Embroidery Work
    20. Saree Rolling
    21. Woolen Articles
    22. Flower Bouquet Making
    23. Fashion Designs Gents Pants, T.Shirts, Milatary Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Sports Item, Night Dress, Jeans, Children Wear, Jerkins And Sweaters Etc. Training.
    24. Plastic Wooden Teacherlley Chains, Pens all Types Training.
    25. Nursery Fese Flower Weight Flower Nursery, Fancy Flower, Cloth Flower, Egri Colors, Golden Fancy Flower Extra Training.
    26. Screen Printing
    27. Cloth Printing
    28. Agriculture, Solar Systems, Vegetables, Nursery